Day: June 8, 2022

Underwater Cities New Discoveries Eurohell Design Boardgame Upgrade

Underwater Cities

After Delicious Games gave us the chance for a license contract, we didn’t want to start with just one game, so we went straight to Underwater. Always a pleasure to have on our table, it needed a few more upgrades besides the 3D resources already available as a surprise in the Advent calendar. First, of […]

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Praga Caput Regni Eurohell Design Boardgame Upgrade

Praga Caput Regni

We have been working for a long time and now we have a new license partner on board: Delicious Games. So you can look forward to more upgrades to the great Eurogames by Vladimir Suchy in the future. Our Praga Upgrade offers you an insert for lightning fast building and changing of ära, 3D tokens […]

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