Release Planning Upgrade ARNAK (Insert, Sleeves, 3D Compasses & Coins)

We are in the final design process and will show you here over the next few days what to expect! Planned release is in week 11 (15.03. to 21.03.) 😉

What can you expect?

All boxes can be placed directly on the plan


, solo, guardien, level, goods trays, player trays – all of course, as always, color-matched to the game.

A very special gimmick

The temple tiles can be covered according to the number of players 🙂 and this time there are special card trays for fear, item and artifact cards that can be placed directly on the plan and are optimized so that even sleeved stacks of cards no longer puff up or fall apart.

Sleeves or 3d compasses and coins to choose

Everyone should be able to choose what they like and since the votes between sleeves and 3D tokens were 50/50 we will offer you both! The 3D coins are weighted as a highlight, so that a cool feeling is added when spending.

Our first 3D starter player marker

When we always passed the cardboard alarm clock to the next player in the first round, it was still a little spinning, but quickly our ambition got the better of us and we created the new category of 3D starting player markers. We start with the Arnak alarm clock with rotating hands – a real highlight on the table.