Author: Eurohell Design Team

Underwater Cities New Discoveries Eurohell Design Boardgame Upgrade

Underwater Cities

After Delicious Games gave us the chance for a license contract, we didn’t want to start with just one game, so we went straight to Underwater. Always a pleasure to have on our table, it needed a few more upgrades besides the 3D resources already available as a surprise in the Advent calendar. First, of […]

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Praga Caput Regni Eurohell Design Boardgame Upgrade

Praga Caput Regni

We have been working for a long time and now we have a new license partner on board: Delicious Games. So you can look forward to more upgrades to the great Eurogames by Vladimir Suchy in the future. Our Praga Upgrade offers you an insert for lightning fast building and changing of ära, 3D tokens […]

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BTS-I-01 Beyond the Sun Boardgame Insert Inlay Organizer

Two new inserts and an upgrade token set for you!

­ Two new inserts and an upgrade token set for you! ­ The machines are running at full speed for you and push the delivery time little by little. Two new printers are ready for assembly and two more are ordered. With your support it continues to progress and to further increase our production we […]

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Eurohell Elements Curve, Line, Hex

Eurohell Elements, Curious Cargo, Ark Nova Coffee Mug, Real-Time Print Queue, First Employee and Coming Soon

We are so grateful for your support and today it’s just time to say thank you. The last months were just awesome! Real-Time Print Queue As many of you have unfortunately experienced, we are still struggling with the delivery time. Our printers work 24 hours a day for you, every month new hard-working helpers move […]

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MER-T-01 Merv 3D resources Token Upgrade

Three new token and one insert :-) ­

­After some technical issues to get our machines even more reliable in service, we finally have some upgrades for you. In the background, the work on big projects continues, but at your request, we have now first equipped Cascadia and added two more of the secret Advent Calendar tokens from 2021 to our store. Current […]

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AN-I-01 Ark Nova Boardgame Upgrade Insert Inlay Organizer

A long night…

We worked for you until the early morning hours to master the mammoth task with the upgrades for Tekhenu, the complete set for Ark Nova plus three Youtube videos for Tekhenu, Ark Nova and Arnak for you 🙂 Current Projects You have totally flashed us and that even though I didn’t manage to send the […]

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LRA-I-02 Lost Ruins of Arnak Boardgame Insert Inlay Organizer

2022 – lets go!

More machines for faster delivery time, new shipping model, two releases and much more! Current project We played Ark Nova for the first time on New Year’s Eve and immediately fell in love with the game. The work on our upgrade is almost complete, only a small detail for the special buildings is still missing. […]

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3D Tokens for Taverns of Tiefenthal

Finally we can present you our 3D upgrade for taverns 🙂 We are super excited about how it will be received by you. The beer foam cost us quite a bit of nerves. But now we can’t wait for my parents to visit us in the middle of the month so we can test it […]

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TFA-T-02, TFA-O-01 Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition Overlay, Raketen, globale Parameter

Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition

Actually, it was just supposed to be an insert…. and suddenly we found ourselves in clay modeling and started to design trees as an alternative for the forest tiles. It was a hard way with many hurdles and ugly trees to the ones we could release in the store today. Honestly , we are […]

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CAL-T-01 Calico Board Game Upgrade Token 3D Buttons

Calico, Nova Luna & Current Projects

The move is still hanging over us a bit, as there are still a lot of one-off things to do at the moment. The workshop and office set-up is taking more and more shape, but is still in full swing. 4 hands are sometimes just too few. Upgrade No. 2 and No. 3 in the […]

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