Calico, Nova Luna & Current Projects

The move is still hanging over us a bit, as there are still a lot of one-off things to do at the moment. The workshop and office set-up is taking more and more shape, but is still in full swing. 4 hands are sometimes just too few.

Upgrade No. 2 and No. 3 in the new home are finally available and so you can now also equip Calico and Nova Luna. Upgrade Nr. 2 und Nr. 3 im neuen Heim sind nun endlich verfügbar und so könnt ihr ab sofort auch Calico und Nova Luna ausstatten.

What can you expect?

Calico offers you a particularly quick set-up: lay out the kittens

, fish the matching baskets out of the box and place them with them, open the button tray, clamp the lid underneath, hand everyone their player box and their cute cat box, and finally take out the bag and you’re ready to go. All cats that are not needed remain relaxed in the box – all without tedious sorting. And last but not least, you can also pimp your buttons with a 3D variant.

Store Nova Luna vertically without shuffling or flipping tiles – Yes, you can! 4 player boxes with clampable lids and two token holders, which can be conveniently placed on the table for re-drawing, make this possible. Everything is safely stowed in the box and if you like you can still embellish your grabbed moon with a 3D moon.

What are we working on now?


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, several projects are running simultaneously in order to offer you new designs quickly and to make the best use of the printing time between the production of the prototypes. In the works are Terraforming Mars Ares, Crazy Cargo and the first shot glass 3D token of Taverns in the Deep Valley is also already in print. The purple color for Praga, which was mixed especially for us, has finally arrived, so that we can continue here as well.

In addition, we are currently setting up a new mail server so that our mails will not always end up in spam and we hope to be able to offer you a newsletter soon.

Maybe you have been browsing with us again, the store page is brand new and now built in a kind of blogstyle, so you can see everything available with us to a game on one page and then as usual in the selection can choose only what you want to have. With this modification the english store page should finally work error free 🙂