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3D Tokens for Taverns of Tiefenthal

Finally we can present you our 3D upgrade for taverns 🙂 We are super excited about how it will be received by you. The beer foam cost us quite a bit of nerves. But now we can’t wait for my parents to visit us in the middle of the month so we can test it […]

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TFA-T-02, TFA-O-01 Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition Overlay, Raketen, globale Parameter

Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition

Actually, it was just supposed to be an insert…. and suddenly we found ourselves in clay modeling and started to design trees as an alternative for the forest tiles. It was a hard way with many hurdles and ugly trees to the ones we could release in the store today. Honestly , we are […]

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CAL-T-01 Calico Board Game Upgrade Token 3D Buttons

Calico, Nova Luna & Current Projects

The move is still hanging over us a bit, as there are still a lot of one-off things to do at the moment. The workshop and office set-up is taking more and more shape, but is still in full swing. 4 hands are sometimes just too few. Upgrade No. 2 and No. 3 in the […]

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Insert & Bird Houses for Wingspan

The first product photos after our move are being taken as we speak 🙂 Setting up the office took a little longer than planned, but now there is finally a separate photo corner and so it’s immediately easier to take photos. At the latest on the weekend you can order everything in our store. What […]

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Magnificent Insert Inlay Organizer

Inlay and sleeves for The Magnificent and expansion Sno

One of our first projects after the move is the completion of the Magnificent Upgrade 😉 Yes, you had to wait a long time, but we promise: The insert has a very special highlight which has taken a lot of design hours, but is also a lot of fun to use. Stay tuned! What can […]

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Moving to Schleswig-Holstein

Slowly our moving boxes are filling up! One more week, then it’s time to say goodbye to Hanover and looking forward to the new home. After settling in, setting up, dismantling and re-setting up our busy little bees and building up new hard-working helpers who are already standing by here, we can finally offer you […]

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Release-planning for Insert Robin Hood

Get your adventures on the table even faster and focus fully on the story. Our inlay includes 4 colored player trays with the symbols of Robin Hood, Little John, Maid Marian and Will Scarlet. In addition, we are planning 3 more boxes to get all the wooden parts on the table in a jiffy and […]

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Release Planning Upgrade ARNAK (Insert, Sleeves, 3D Compasses & Coins)

We are in the final design process and will show you here over the next few days what to expect! Planned release is in week 11 (15.03. to 21.03.) 😉 What can you expect? All boxes can be placed directly on the plan Assistants, solo, guardien, level, goods trays, player trays – all of course, […]

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