Delivery time

Sustainability is a top priority for us, so with the exception of fairs, we only print on your order. Thus, we have dynamic delivery times depending on the current order volume, which are currently unfortunately sometimes a bit longer. We work day and night for you and almost everything goes into new hard working printer bees, so that we are also better prepared for special situations 🙂

Live print queue

To make sure you’re always up to date, there’s now a brand new live print queue. But how does it work?

Before I order:

On each product page, you’ll see a delivery time that changes dynamically with your orders, so you’ll know as accurately as possible how long you’ll have to wait out the anticipation.

After my order with customer account:

In your customer account you have the full overview under orders! You not only see what you ordered and when, but also the current status from “Waiting for next free printer” to “In printing process” to “Produced and shipped”. And as a highlight, even your position in the print queue and how many weeks the anticipation has to last.

After my order without a customer account:

Of course, creating a customer account with us is not mandatory. Even without a customer account you can always find out your position and the approximate weeks until shipment in our store below in the footer with your order number and the email address used during the order process.


At this point again a huge thank you to all who have understanding that we are still only two and have no ill intentions why it sometimes exceptionally takes a little longer. We try to keep you as a player happy with all our capabilities and provide you with cool new upgrades. We just didn’t expect you to knock us out so quickly.

Even if you wait longer or shorter, you will not be treated worse or better than others. This is only due to the printing system – tokens usually run in sets for several orders, so that we work from the back and distribute these sets for shipping and, of course, later orders are automatically shipped a little earlier, for example, if you have only ordered this one token set, which was then printed. But you can be sure, the priority is to send the first orders first.

We are extremely grateful for every single order and happy to be able to live our dream. Only with your help and patience we can continue to move forward. We’re giving everything, continuing to upgrade massively from month to month, so that you can be supplied with new cool stuff much faster in the future.