We want to take you on our journey through the world of boardgame upgrades 🙂 Here you can always find out what we want to release in approximately what time horizon, what we are currently designing at full speed and what may convince us next in the game, so that it is also equipped with new cool board game stuff. Stay curious and follow the teaser photos for further anticipation at Instagram, Twitter oder Facebook.

Last updated 20/02/2021

Coming soon

Here you can see the upgrades that are currently in the design process and for which you won’t have to wait much longer.

Organizer and coin sleeves for 7 Wonders Duel

Relase planned: January/February 2021

There will be one option for the base game only, one for the base game plus Pantheon, and one for the base game with Pantheon and Agora. The coin sleeves in the form of cardboard coins protect them from grabbing. The insert for the complete set is printing final, the two small ones will be finished in the next few days and then it’s time to take the photos and put them in the store. If you browse our socials, you can already discover a first photo.


Relase planned: March 2021

We promised it and yes, it’s coming! Just played the first round, the setup with the many bags was really intense. We have to get right to it. We are planning an organizer to start the game quickly and of course upgrades for the coins and compasses 🙂

Inlay and upgrade coins for Magnificent

Relase planned: March 2021

Put everything directly on the table and start playing

Is the motto here! 2 trays for puzzle pieces, training tiles and tents in their own tray and much more…

A very special gimmick

Unfortunately I can’t reveal anything about that yet, we are currently putting all our design know-how into a very special gimmick. So stay curious 🙂

Upgrade coins

The coins get sleeves with a very special flair. The 1 coin gets an enchanted feather from Lungile, the 2 coin has a top hat with a bunny hopping out of it to match Alberic the Wizard, the 5 coin has Bronson and Larissa’s paw print, and the 10 coin glows with Suhayl and Kimora’s fireballs.

Magnificent Insert Inlay Organizer

Organizer for Wingspan, upgradeable to Europe and Oceania + nectar upgrade

Relase planned as soon as possible 🙂

We take the game from my parents and now it’s here, the planning for the insert with and without the European expansion is already done in my head and now “only” needs to be put into the PC. Now that the upgrade feed markers are ready, the insert is also progressing in leaps and bounds. We’re still fiddling around to see if we can’t somehow get all three expansions into the base box.

Inlay for Brass Lancashire

Relase planned as soon as possible 🙂

Yes, we do it! The Lancashire insert comes in the same style as the new Brass Birmingham inlay and is already in the works.

Upgrades in planning

Here you’ll discover the games we’re planning to upgrade to, we’ve already ordered them, or they’re sitting here eagerly awaiting their first round. However, since every game in our store has to earn its upgrade first by convincing us in-game, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer for this. But we hurry, so it will not take so long 🙂

Praga Caput Regni

Oh, oh, Praga is waiting here to get out of the box. So many cool photos we have already discovered with you and are quite hot for the first round and start the desing process.


Shortly before Christmas, our copy arrived and is now waiting for its first round.

Great Western Trail

The new Great Western Trail versions will of course be equipped by us or depending on what they contain we will adapt the old insert to the new editions with as few exchange parts as possible. As soon as they are available for order, they will be put on the table and then you will be able to have the upgrades on your gaming tables quickly.

We take a closer look at these games

Currently there is no planning going on, but maybe an idea or notion that something would be possible or necessary 🙂

Cloud Age
Robin Hood

What do you wish?

We want to design close to your wishes and fulfill as many of them as possible, so feel free to write us about which inlay or upgrade you would be most excited about. If you then have a moment of patience, we can perhaps implement one or two wishes.