2022 – lets go!

More machines for faster delivery time, new shipping model, two releases and much more!

Current project

We played Ark Nova for the first time on New Year’s Eve and immediately fell in love with the game. The work on our upgrade is almost complete, only a small detail for the special buildings is still missing. What can you expect?A card tray which can be placed directly on the game board as well as a refill station for it. 3 sorting boxes for clear presentation and easy removal of the buildings, four player boxes so that everyone can directly setup their own material and two coin trays as well as the option for cool, weighted 3D coins to replace the black cardboard coins. As a highlight, there will be a tray for the special buildings so you don’t have to lay them all out one by one at the start of the game. Not to forget the overlay, no slipping of the tokens and even more game pleasure 🙂

Newly available – upgrade for Arnak as well as a complete set for base game and Expedition Leaders

What’s new?

  • 1 x guardians and places
  • 2 x bigger slanted card slots for artifact, item cards
  • 1 x tiles (blocking, research and totem)
  • 4 x player color
  • 1 x expedition leaders

A Youtube video to sort in our insert with expedition leader will be available early next week.

LRA-I-03 Lost Ruins of Arnak Upgrade Insert Inlay Organizer Expedition Leaders

If you don’t have our insert yet

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, you can treat yourself directly to the complete set:

LRA-I-02 Lost Ruins of Arnak Boardgame Insert Inlay Organizer

In addition, there are new photos of the 3D coins and compasses and the option to get them not only in combination, but also individually.

Have a look at it! ­

New release – Upgrade for The Isle Of Cats

The first secret upgrade from our advent calendar has made its way into our store. From now on you can get an upgrade set for the fish and the cat basket individually. For the fish you can also upgrade your set for the Late Arrivals expansion 🙂

IOC-TF-01 Isle of Cats upgrade fish
IOC-TB-01 Isle of Cats upgrade baskets

­­­See the shop site!

Planned next

­Planned next ­ 2022 we have planned a lot! All Advent Calendar tokens from 2021 will find their way into our store and also be available partially upgradeable for the expansion. Some of the games will of course get an insert in addition to the token upgrade 😉 And Praga as well as Curious Cargo are next on the plan.