Three new token and one insert :-) ­

­After some technical issues to get our machines even more reliable in service, we finally have some upgrades for you. In the background, the work on big projects continues, but at your request, we have now first equipped Cascadia and added two more of the secret Advent Calendar tokens from 2021 to our store.

Current Projects

Many, many large inserts for the games with several parts that we all love so much are currently in work, some new license agreements signed, machines further pimped so that they work even faster and more reliable for you in the future, newly mixed filament colors in the assortment and unfortunately the day always has far too few hours.

Cascadia Upgrade

We have developed a very special tile tray for you 😉 At the bottom of the tray are marked two tiles which are not in the game. So that you don’t have to count the tiles for each round according to the number of players

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, you can easily fill our tray to the top and put three red tiles on it. Depending on the number of players, you take out only the red tiles and have all the free pieces available in the game. A lid with transparent animals secures the storage in the box. Of course, there are also 3D tokens for the cones and these even in two shades of brown 🙂

CAS-I-01 Cascadia Insert Inlay Organizer Boardgame
CAS-T-01 Cascadia 3D Token cones Upgrade

3D-Token for Merv and Glen More II Chronicles

The next two secret tokens from our advent calendar from 2021 have now also found their way into our store.

Merv – The Heart of the Silk Road

Common and rare goods can now replace it with cool filled 3D boxes and also the scrolls can be pimped. An insert is in the works and coming to the store as soon as we can 🙂

MER-T-01 Merv 3D resources Token Upgrade
MER-T-02 Merv 3D scroll Token Upgrade

Glen More II Chronicles

Clan markers with square pattern and weighted 3D coins will decorate your Glen More game.
GM2-T-01 Glen More Chronicles Clan Marker Token Upgrade