Eurohell Elements, Curious Cargo, Ark Nova Coffee Mug, Real-Time Print Queue, First Employee and Coming Soon

We are so grateful for your support and today it’s just time to say thank you. The last months were just awesome!

Real-Time Print Queue

As many of you have unfortunately experienced, we are still struggling with the delivery time. Our printers work 24 hours a day for you, every month new hard-working helpers move in, so that it gradually becomes faster and faster. Since our printers have been extensively modified by us in the meantime, so that they can constantly provide you with the appropriate quality, it takes a while until new mechanical employees reliably start their service.

Therefore, for even better anticipation, we now have a real-time print queue. On each product page you will see an always live calculated delivery time according to the orders that leave us daily. After you ordered, you can track in real time in your customer account which position you have in the print queue and if you have not created an account with us, this is of course also possible below in the store with your order number and order mail.

Please forgive us a few adjustment difficulties in the first weeks, also for us this new system has to prove itself first. And of course: If you can’t wait any longer, please write us!

First Employee

After our call for the first employee was initially unsuccessful, we hired an agency to program the real-time print queue. Unfortunately, they worked without much heart and consumed all the budget of the month of April for new machines.

Fortunately, coincidence is sometimes gigantic and shortly after the tool went live, we were contacted by a programmer who had discovered our Twitter post and – if all goes well – will join the team and is as passionate about Eurohell as we are. He will start in June and will of course be introduced to you as soon as he starts to make your shopping experience even better.

Ark Nova Coffee Mug

You have wished for it – a coffee cup for Arche Nova. From now on you get a brown coffee pot with milk foam and cocoa heart according to the wooden token in our store 🙂

AN-A-02 Arche Nova Coffee mug 3D-Token

Eurohell Elements

We are starting with a brand new category in the store – Eurohell Elements! Often we received your requests for generic game material that improves your gaming experience and can be used for games that don’t have an insert yet. We have been working on this for over a year: How could this be implemented? What should there be? What should it be called?

Now we are finally starting with the category of “Elements”, which will grow according to your wishes. Stackable, magnetically connectable and in 10 colors to choose from…

Hex High & Low

ELM-H-01 Eurohell Elements Hex Low Bowl
ELM-H-02 Eurohell Elements Hex High Tray

Line & Line Tray

ELM-L-01 Eurohell Elements Line Cards
ELM-L-02 Eurohell Elements Line Cards Tray

Curve & Curve Tray

ELM-C-01 Eurohell Elements Curve Cards
ELM-C-02 Eurohell Elements Line Cards Tray

Insert & Upgrade Token Curious Cargo

Get the two-person brainburner on the table even faster, transport-safe to take on vacation, and extra pimping with 3D tokens.


  • Trucks no longer laboriously lay out individually, but with 3 trays directly on the table
  • Goods prepared directly on the player board with the side of your choice
  • Card holder for sleeved and unsleeved cards

Coming Soon

Currently we are working on upgrades for Corrosion and Praga Caput Regni. The insert for Beyond the Sun is ready and waiting for a special color from the filament supplier. More about this in the next newsletter…