Two new inserts and an upgrade token set for you!

­ Two new inserts and an upgrade token set for you! ­ The machines are running at full speed for you and push the delivery time little by little. Two new printers are ready for assembly and two more are ordered. With your support it continues to progress and to further increase our production we have again new upgrade in our store 🙂

Beyond the Sun

­ With license support from Rio Grande Games, we now have a brand new Beyond the Sun insert in our store. The special, color-coded card system helps you to sort the cards easily. There is extra space for the starting cards, so you can always shuffle them directly with the required ones and the setup is speeded up enormously. Each player gets his own box, so you save sorting the chips before each game and can put them directly from the box into the right slot of the board. Two ore boxes for each side of the table and a starting setup holder let you start playing in seconds.

BTS-I-01 Beyond the Sun Boardgame Insert Inlay Organizer


As a special highlight, you no longer need to count the available victory points at the beginning of each game. Simply use our victory point dispenser, which shows you how many victory points are still available. Take off the lid and place the machines and cards directly on the table and the starting table is ready for the game. For each player there is a prepared player box and our gears as 3D tokens are a special eye-catcher on the table.

COR-I-01 Corrosion Boardgame Insert Inlay Organizer Upgrade Token
COR-T-01 Boardgame gears Upgrade


Already in the Advent Calendar 2021 you could be surprised with our Targi Upgrade. Now they are available for everyone!

You can upgrade the base game with one

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, three and five silver crosses, salt and date plates and of course with the pepper sack.

TAR-T-01 Targi Boardgame Upgrade Ressources Goods Pepper Salt Dates
TAR-M-01 Targi Board Game Upgrade Tokens Silver Crosses Victory Points

Coming Soon

The upgrade for Praga Caput Regni is in progress. There will be the insert, 3D tokens for eggs, windows in two colors, red and blue markers. As a special highlight, we are just trying 3D buildings, then you can optionally replace the cardboard buildings. Especially cool is that Delicious Games gave us a license for our design 🙂

Golem we played the last days more often and are already planning on upgrading for an organizer, 3D tokens. In addition, we have ordered Living Forest and Dune Imperium with the nominations for the game of the year in germany. Let’s see if an upgrade makes sense for this and what it might look like. Bitoku has also just arrived and wants to be played. Lots to do… We’ll do our best to provide you with new upgrades as soon as we can!