Eurohells Designer

We are Holger and Dani! Playing board games is our absolute passion and our goal is to give you more time to enjoy your board game treasures.

We design for you not only simple inserts, but always upgrades with a special trick to reduce the setup time to a few seconds. We also offer beautifully designed 3D tokens, weighted coins and token sleeves as a special highlight on your gaming table.

Our promise


In our store you will find only our own designs, every stroke and every detail is drawn by ourselves.


We produce with biocompatible plastic from renewable raw materials and use green electricity – details here.


Your upgrades are created from the idea through design, production and packaging in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.


We pack without plastic, often with recycled material and ship climate neutral with DHL GoGreen.


All our inserts are lightweight and also very robust, making your game safe for transport and of course space-saving to store vertically on your shelf.


For our products, we always offer upgrades by replacing or adding a few parts so that everything fits into the basic game box as much as possible.

Spare part

Spare part If something is broken or lost, you can reorder it from us for a small fee.

Sorting guide

With our QR-Sorting-Guide, double-sided with detailed video or quick photos, you have everything quickly back in the box.

How it all began…

Dani: When Holger gave me Terra Mystica for my birthday in 2012, he infected me with the board game virus. I rediscovered my childhood passion for boardgames and invited Holger for his birthday to SPIEL 2014. Since then I’ve been crazy about picking and always looking for the latest expert game highlights.

Holger: As much as we love board games, you probably know it as well as we do. Building up a boardgame in the evening, tired from everyday life, is often a big hurdle. My Christmas Wish 2018 – a 3D printer for your own boardgame inlays, so that our treasures are finally not only put on the table in some kind of inert, but with many tricks and details are really faster to build and are also safe for the next boardgame vacation.

Dani: Over the next months, it quickly became apparent that simply setting up printers and start printing did not produce satisfactory results for us. So we deepened our knowledge from the mechanical engineering studies in professional 3D design and pimped the machines with all kinds of custom stuff. After countless technical problems (…no, challenges) and many months with very little sleep, we were able to give the first games a worthy home.

Holger: In spring 2020 we founded Eurohell Design to share our dreams and ideas with you too! Our store went online on July 17, 2020 and since then has been trying to reach as many gamers’ hearts as possible. The name Eurohell is inspired by a well-known German board game youtuber who doesn’t always like the “straight from eurohell” games, so they have just the right amount of myriad components and complexity that we love so much.

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