Our philosophy


You will find in our store only upgrades to games that are also in our own shelf at home and we therefore all also play ourselves. This is so important to us because you often don’t notice improvements until you use the upgrades, so we don’t sell anything that hasn’t been personally field tested by us multiple times. Since we are mainly Eurogamer there will be a larger selection in this direction, but of course we also play with our family 😉

STL Daten?

All our design we made by ourselves with a lot of effort, sweat and time. All Upgrade here in our store are no reprints of publicly provided data. Since all our know-how is in the print data and we have also massively modified our printers so that the data would not run properly on standard printers, so we naturally do not provide STL data of our designs.

Transportsicher mit Liebe zur Umwelt

All our products are weight-optimized down to the smallest detail, of course always with a focus on stability and durability. This way, your game boxes won’t become unnecessarily heavier and we protect the environment. We print exclusively with high-quality, biocompatible filament, use only green electricity and want to do without conventionally produced bags and adhesive tapes in the long run, because they are not degradable compared to the filament. You can find more details here: https://www.eurohell-design.de/en/sustainability/

Eurohell Produkt ohne Branding?

A Pegausus, Feuerland, Delicous Games carton without a logo – no, we can’t imagine that any more than we can imagine a Eurohell product without our branding. Yes, our name may be provocative, but that’s exactly what we stand for – heavy Eurogames on the table in the shortest possible time. We’re sorry if our upgrades don’t fit your shelf with this.

Full Service

Bekomme ich ein Ersatzteil, wenn mir etwas kaputt geht?

We put a lot of emphasis on high quality and sturdy designs, so you won’t break anything quickly, but of course you will get a replacement if you do have a mishap. We put a lot of emphasis on high quality and sturdy designs, so you won’t break anything quickly, but of course you will get a replacement if you do have a mishap. Simply write us via the contact form or an email to mail@eurohell-design.de with a photo of what you broke and we will send you the spare part as soon as possible for a small price plus postage.

Eurer Upgrade passt nicht meine Schachtel oder hat einen Fehler.

Unfortunately, it happens from time to time that the sizes of the boxes or number of parts change from version to version, since we can not store and buy an infinite number of games we are dependent on your assistance. o if you find a bug, just write to us via the contact formor an email to mail@eurohell-design.de with a photo what is different with you, best also immediately a photo of the contents and the box from the front and back to recognize your version, so that we can adjust the upgrade directly for you and all others with the same version.

Board game inlays

Passen gesleevte Karten in eure Inlays?

We would like the non-card-sleever to enjoy our inlays just as much as their card-sleever. Since the opinion about card sleeves is very much shared we decided to adapt our designs so that they can be used for non-sleeved cards and also for most sleeve sizes. So you can use them for sleeved and un-sleeved cards without any problems. We have decided against 2 versions, because this way the non-sleevers can still choose to sleeved cards years after purchase without the hassle of buying something that doesn’t fit anymore. We ourselves are not sleevers and playing with our inlays and the adapted card slots for sleeves do not bother at all 😉 You can find the maximum size of the sleeves of each inlay with the respective product. Please measure your sleeves so that you can make sure that the inlay fits your sleeves before buying.

Inlay gekauft, jetzt kommt die Erweiterung, was nun?

No problem, since our shelf is always overflowing with games, we try to make sure that the following extensions fit into the inlay basic box. Since our 3d printed inserts consist of a number of individual parts, you can purchase the extension inlay at any time as far as space permits and simply add it to your already purchased basic inlay or exchange individual parts if necessary. However, sometimes it is not possible to fit everything into the basic box without using one or the other gimmick which guarantees a really fast assembly – of course we don’t want that, so in rare cases it can happen that you need the extension box for sorting the inlay. For a better overview you can see on the product page of the extensions if everything fits into the basic box or if you need the extension box.

Bekomme ich die Gimmicks oder spezielle Teile der Inlays auch einzeln?

When we founded the store, we thought for a long time about whether we wanted to sell the gimmicks or other individual parts of our inlays individually, but in the end we decided against this idea, because the commissioning effort would simply be too great and therefore financially unsustainable, and we would no longer be able to offer the inserts for this price. In addition, especially in the gimmicks such as the Great Western Trail tower of the 1,2,3 tiles put a lot of development hours and love.

Currently you can only buy complete inlays 😉 but you can decide with which upgrades you want to pimp your game. Maybe your game box has room for the entire insert or just one set of tokens or sleeves. We would be very happy.

B-WARE Inserts

Every now and then a FACTORY SECOND insert appears in our product selection, but what does that mean? Quite simply, there are very, very rarely a few optical misprints with small errors and defects, but these do not affect the function of the insert. So much, much, much too good to melt down again. Since the effort would be too great to describe it exactly with photos, you can not see beforehand, what exact errors your FACTORY SECOND insert has, but you get it 20% off.

3D printing specials

Aus welchem Material sind eure Inlays?

We only use biocompatible, high-quality polylactide (PLA) or colloquially also polylactic acids, so that we can guarantee a homogeneous, non-transparent color tone as well as consistent quality.

Es ist ein Fehler/eine Naht an meinem Produkt

No, this is not a defect and is typical for every 3D printed object. Your 3D product has a seam or small dots in a few places, because every printed line has a beginning and an end per layer, so the Z-seam is technical and cannot be prevented. But it doesn’t bother you at all and doesn’t change the joy of the colorful inlays.