Inlay and sleeves for The Magnificent and expansion Sno

One of our first projects after the move is the completion of the Magnificent Upgrade 😉 Yes, you had to wait a long time, but we promise: The insert has a very special highlight which has taken a lot of design hours, but is also a lot of fun to use. Stay tuned!

What can you expect?

Put everything directly on the table and start playing

Is the motto here! 2 trays for puzzle pieces

, training tiles and tents in their own tray and much more…

A very special gimmick

Unfortunately I can’t reveal anything about that yet, we are currently putting all our design know-how into a very special gimmick.

Coin Sleeves

The coins get sleeves with a very special flair. The 1 coin gets an enchanted feather from Lungile, the 2 coin has a top hat with a bunny hopping out of it to match Alberic the Wizard, the 5 coin has Bronson and Larissa’s paw print, and the 10 coin glows with Suhayl and Kimora’s fireballs.