Insert & Bird Houses for Wingspan

The first product photos after our move are being taken as we speak 🙂 Setting up the office took a little longer than planned, but now there is finally a separate photo corner and so it’s immediately easier to take photos. At the latest on the weekend you can order everything in our store.

What can you expect?

Optionally only Basegame

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, Basegame + Europe or Basegame + Europe + Oceania

6 trays for the food markers, 5 trays for the players, 2 card trays, one of which has a card holder, 1 tray for the target tokens with three compartments for sorting according to the expansions.

Special card trays

Our card trays are again sleeve-suitable up to 100 microns and have the innovative card stand you already know from 7 Wonders Duel and Arnak, which protects sleeved cards from fanning out. New this time is that cards can be drawn from the bottom and from the top.

Pimp player cubes with bird houses

No, you don’t have to dispose of the cubes or put them somewhere else! You can put them in our player houses and so they will stay in the game 🙂