Moving to Schleswig-Holstein

Slowly our moving boxes are filling up! One more week, then it’s time to say goodbye to Hanover and looking forward to the new home. After settling in, setting up, dismantling and re-setting up our busy little bees and building up new hard-working helpers who are already standing by here, we can finally offer you shorter delivery times 🙂

We are incredibly grateful that you are making this new beginning possible for us. Keep on ordering, because this is the only way we have the chance to offer you more and more cool stuff and most of all: Show your new board game stuff, take pictures for the social media and help us to make the now started dream really come true.

Currently, we are working on the final touches of the Wingspan insert, right now the nest for the bird eggs annoys us a bit, so that we can hope but not promise the release before the move. For the first days after the move

, the box with Praga Caput Regni is already ready here and we are also continuing to work on our highlight for the Magnificent Insert. Both upgrades should be available in the shop during April. We now want to step on the gas for you and after the many initial difficulties bring 3-4 novelties per month, so that there is something for many of you and our baby Eurohell Design really establishes in the board game scene.