Praga Caput Regni

We have been working for a long time and now we have a new license partner on board: Delicious Games. So you can look forward to more upgrades to the great Eurogames by Vladimir Suchy in the future. Our Praga Upgrade offers you an insert for lightning fast building and changing of ära, 3D tokens for eggs, windows, bonus tokens of halberds and crosses and as a highlight our first 3D buildings!

Praga Caput Regni Eurohell Design Boardgame Upgrade
You don’t have to glue anything! Just disassemble the old cardboard parts and put the game-relevant cardboard into the new 3D buildings and you’re ready to go. You can see our very first 3D buildings here and we are very proud of them 🙂 We had to relearn a lot to conjure up the structures in the walls – our computers reached their limits with all the data once or twice and we needed strong nerves. Everything was rewarded when the first prototype went to the printer and we were just happy and very, very curious how this new idea will be received by you. Translated with (free version)
PCR-I-02 Praga Caput Regni Boardgame 3D Buildings Cathedral
PCR-I-01 Praga Caput Regni Boardgame 3D Buildings Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge
PCR-I-02 Praga Caput Regni Boardgame 3D Buildings Hunger Wall
Hunger Wall
Also an upgrade for the tokens may not be missing of course. As always at first glance distinguishable between 1s and 3s token 😉 Windows and eggs and then had to find an idea for the bonus tokens. We were supported by the small white graphics on the tokens and quickly the idea was born to somehow use white to reproduce these tiny symbols in larger.
PCR-T-01 Praga Caput Regni Boardgame Upgrade 3D Token Windows Eggs
Windows & Eggs
PCR-T-02 Praga Caput Regni Boardgame Upgrade 3D Token Bonus Tiles Halberd Cross
Bonus tokens as halberds & crosses