Insert Ruins

compatible with Lost Ruins of Arnak®

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Delivery Time: ca. 10 days production + shipping time
Space for our 3D-Compasses & Coins or Coin & Compass Sleeves and 3D Starting Player Alarm Clock
Five atmospheric goods trays with symbols on bottom & lid
Temple tokens can be set up to match the number of players
Inclined card trays can be placed directly on the board
Sleeved stacks of cards do not fan out or fall over
Lightning fast initial and solo setup
sizes adapted for direct placement on the board
lids of all boxes can be clamped under the boxes
language-independent marked with symbols
safe for transport and stored vertically without slipping
Fits sleeve dimensions up to 93.5mm x 71mm x 120 microns
Box outer size about 35.8cm x 25.7cm x 7.3cm
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I contain trays for:

  • 5 x ressources coins, compasses, tablets, arrowheads and jewels (symbolic graphic on bottom and lid)
  • 1 x guardians and sites (symbolic graphic guardian)
  • 1 x assistants (symbolic graphic lightning)
  • 1 x solo (symbolic graphic arrow)
  • 1 x temple with cover plate to setup according to the number of players
  • 3 x slanted card slots for artifact, item and fear cards with space for 2/3x tokens
  • 1 x tiles (blocking, research bonus and idol)
  • 4 x player color (red, green, blue, yellow)
  • for archaeologist figures, notebook and magnifying glass token and basic cards

  • 1 x placeholder with label Eurohell Design
  • 1 x holder for alarm clock and moon staff as well as extra space
    e.g. for mini-expansions or cardboard coins and compasses when using our 3D-Compasses & Coins Ruins


You get only me – the naked inlay! The game material on the photos is for illustration purposes only, so you can imagine how we look together with your game. Although the design team takes great care to ensure that the colors match the game as closely as possible, minor color deviations between me, my photo, the image on your screen and the game are unfortunately not always avoidable.

I was designed and produced by Holger and Dani from Eurohell Design with a lot of time and love and I am subject to their copyright. All product names, brand names and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The mention of product names, brand names and registered trademarks here is purely descriptive and is in no way associated with Daniela and Holger of Eurohell Design or the unofficial premium upgrade offered here.


From 14 years, no toys for children!
Not suitable for children under 36 months. Danger of suffocation due to small parts that can be swallowed.



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