Deep Sea

compatible with Underwater Cities ®, upgradeable to New Discoveries


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  • Insert, can be stored vertically and is safe for transport
  • 3D-Token: Submarines, Credits, Tunnels and Resources

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UC-A-01 Underwater Cities Boardgame Upgrade Submarines Spielertrays

Player boxes and our cool 3D submarines invite you to dive right in.

UC-T-02+03 Underwater Cities Board Game Upgrade Coins Tunnel

Weighted 3D credits and tunnels fit perfectly into the tray, just like the cardboard markers.

UC-T-01 Underwater Cities board game upgrade resources

All 3D resources are directly recognizable as 1s or 3s at first glance.

Insert boxes have lids with slightly translucent portholes and, as always, can be clamped underneath.

UC-I-02 Underwater Cities Board Game Upgrade Insert Portholes

Two trays per variety avoid the permanent reaching over the table.

UC-I-02 Underwater Cities Board Game Upgrade Insert Cards

Depending on the era, you can exchange the card trays directly, also suitable for sleeved cards.

What exactly do you want to include in your game box?

Insert compatible with Underwater Citites ®, upgradeable to New Discoveries

Sleeve dimensions up to 91 mm x 61 mm x 120 Mikron
Box outer dimensions ca. 32 cm x 23 cm x 7 cm

Insert Underwater Cities

Contains boxes and holders for:

  • 4 x Player
  • 1 x Cards for era 1, Government, Special
  • 1 x Cards era 2
  • 1 x Cards era 3
  • 2 x Resources
  • 2 x Credits + Tunnels
  • 2 x Buildings
  • 2 x Domes
  • 1 x Metropolis
  • 1 x Placeholder lettering “Underwater Cities” e.g. for stowing cardboard chips when using upgrade tokens

Insert Underwater Cities + New Discoveries

Contains new boxes & holders for:

  • 2 x Buildings
  • 1 x Metropolis + Kickstart

As well as all boxes & holders from the base game except:

  • 2 x base game buildings, base game metropolises and placeholders

Upgrade Insert Underwater Cities to New Discoveries

Adds boxes & holders to your base game upgrade for:

  • 1 x Metropolis + Kickstart
  • 2 x new Buildings

3D-Token compatible with Underwater Cities ®


Cool 3D resources for biomass, kelp, steelplast and science, instantly recognizable as 1s and 3s.

  • 12 x biomass 1s, 5 x biomass 3s
  • 15 x science 1s, 6 x science 3s
  • 19 x Tang 1s, 8 x Tang 3s
  • 19 x steelplast 1s, 8 x steelplast 3s

Dimensions: 1s ca. 1,8 x 1 x 1 cm, 3s ca. 2 x 2 x 1,3 cm


Both sides printed and weighted coins for 1, 5 and 10 credits.

  • 20 x 1s Credits (ca. 1,7 x 1,4 x 0,4 cm)
  • 10 x 5s Credits (ca. 2,1 x 1,7 x 0,4 cm)
  • 5 x 10s Credits (ca. 2,5 x 2 x 0,4 cm)
UC-M-01 Underwater Cities board game upgrade weighted coins


The double-sided 3D printed tunnels are a real eye-catcher. You can immediately tell by the star and design whether your tunnel is still standard or already upgraded.

  • 46 x Tunnels (ca. 2,9 x 0,8 x 0,5 cm)


Player boards wear out quickly, so you always have something haptically high-quality in your hand when playing with our 3D submarines.

  • 3 x submarine each in black, orange, purple and blue

Dimensions: ca. 3,5 x 1,6 x 1,2 cm


The upgrades offered here are officially licensed by Delicious Games.

The game material in the photos is for illustration purposes only, so you can imagine how your new board game stuff will look together with your game. Although the design team takes great care to ensure that the colors match the game as best as possible, minor color deviations between the product, photo and the representation on your screen cannot always be avoided.

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From 14 years, no toys for children!
Not suitable for children under 36 months. Danger of suffocation due to small parts that can be swallowed.