3D printed upgrades manufactured sustainably – made in Germany

Studying mechanical engineering, working a lot on energy technology and sustainability, and now producing “plastics” sounds stupid initially. But there are major differences between the material widely known as plastic. Thus, with the right choice of materials and the conscious handling of them, sustainable production is also possible, so that your upgrades can land on your tables with a clear conscience.

Biocompatible PLA

Not all plastic is the same! We use only PLA – polylactide – polylactic acid. This is a bioplastic produced from renewable and natural raw materials, such as corn. In this process, starch is extracted from plants and converted into dextrose by the addition of enzymes, fermented into lactic acid by microorganisms and converted into polylactide, and finally long-membered molecular chains are produced by polymerization. Thus, our material has nothing to do with most plastic bags, which are mostly produced on the basis of fossil raw materials such as petroleum.

PLA is biodegradable in industrial composting facilities with controlled temperature and humidity and with microorganisms within a few days, up to a few months. To make even more effective use of prototypes and misprints, we are planning in-house recycling in the future, i.e. melting down the remnants and producing new filaments for new prototypes. We are currently still saving up for the required machine 🙂

Filament selection

Cheap filaments usually contain a lot of harmful additives. This is usually noticed by the unpleasant smell during printing. We pay attention to the selection of only high quality filament produced in Europe and if possible even recycled PLA.

In addition, we use as many colors as possible as refill filaments on self-printed spools, because with a high filament consumption, you otherwise have a lot of spools left over. If the color selection does not allow it, we try to return the empty spools to the manufacturers so that they do not end up in the trash, but can be rewound with filament.


With our solely own designs in the store, we avoid unnecessary material. Common platforms for 3D printed models usually offer beautiful designs for personal use, but they mostly have completely lost focus of the environmental aspect and are often heavy and clunky. Our upgrades are designed with love for you and also always trimmed for stability with weight and material optimization in the smallest detail.

3D printing

The printer also matters. With high quality machines and the know-how to modify and optimize them for our requirements, it is now possible for us to produce reliably and with little waste. The continuous upgrading and improvement of our machines is very close to our hearts, but has not been easy and has cost us one or the other sleepless night. We are proud of every new little bee that moves in here and, of course, does its job exclusively with green electricity.

Packing & Shipping

We want to get rid of zip bags and so of course no plastic goes into our packaging! Product cartons made of cardboard and recycled paper filling material. The only thing we are still working on is the adhesive tape, which is to be replaced in the future by a paper tape, perhaps even with a logo. So only the gummy bear bag remains 😉

Your packages will be shipped with DHL and of course we have chosen the “Go Green” service, which guarantees a climate-friendly shipping.

Factory second, spare parts & upgrade service

Prints with small optical imperfections are simply too good to dispose of and so we offer factory seconds reduced by 20% every now and then, so that even the upgrades with small blemishes can find a home.

We don’t want entire upgrades to end up in the trash because something may have broken over time or a token has been lost, so you always have the option to order a replacement part from us. For this reason, there is also the upgrade service for inserts. Disposing of an insert just because a new extension is coming is really no longer in vogue today. With us, for every product in the store you also get an upgrade pack when there is a new expansion. In this we try to preserve as much of the original insert as possible and add the rest, replacing it only when absolutely necessary.

If you have parts from the old insert that you no longer need, you can send them back to us at any time at your expense. We check everything, pass them on as B-goods, send you a small percent voucher for your next order and so keep the cycle closed.