Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition

Actually, it was just supposed to be an insert…. and suddenly we found ourselves in clay modeling and started to design trees as an alternative for the forest tiles.

It was a hard way with many hurdles and ugly trees to the ones we could release in the store today. Honestly

, we are really proud of our new product, the courage to go a new way and to go even deeper into the already learned 3D design. So you can expect some new 3D designs in the future besides our inserts, which we will of course stay true to 🙂

A whole new way has also opened up with the overlays, first we thought slightly translucent would simply not work and we can only offer you colored overlays, but no – there was after much pondering and sleepless nights a way for semi-transparent printing in the usual high Eurohell Design quality and we are pleased to offer you this overlay now.

Our insert has a very special player tray this time

, a box for your dice can be attached to the card tray and you can turn the tray around to read your player help on it angled. It’s really incredibly fun for us to play with as well.

Now take action and keep your shopping cart glowing so we can keep working on new designs for you. Currently we’re going full speed ahead with The Taverns of Tiefenthal, Curious Cargo and Brass Lancashire 😉