Underwater Cities

After Delicious Games gave us the chance for a license contract, we didn’t want to start with just one game, so we went straight to Underwater. Always a pleasure to have on our table, it needed a few more upgrades besides the 3D resources already available as a surprise in the Advent calendar.

First, of course, an insert either only for the base game, for the base game with first expansion New Discoveries or as always also as an upgrade to later expand the base game to the first expansion. Special here 4 triple-layer board fit in with closed lid. If you put all 8 in the box, your lid will stand up a bit, but you will gain a new place on the shelf 😉

Underwater Cities New Discoveries Eurohell Design Boardgame Upgrade

3D submarines for your game doors, weighted 3D coins, 3D resources for biomass, steel plastic, kelp and science, and to top it off, 3D tunnels printed on both sides.

With this upgrade, the tunnels in particular kept us on our toes, because printing a tunnel on both sides as close as possible to the original while maintaining the function of the standard and upgraded side was not easy.

With the submarines you can even blow a small gimmick through the drive 😉